Key Activities 2023/2024

The 2023/2024 financial year will see Catalina Estate continue to grow as a significant urban development project on Perth’s northern coast.

Construction and sale of lots will remain a key focus, with stages of subdivision work occurring in Stages 31 in Catalina Beach and Stages 38, 39 and 41 in the new Catalina Green.

The following stages of civil construction works are to be undertaken:

  • 65 lots in Stage 31 (Catalina Beach):
  • 36 lots in Stage 38, 60 lots in Stage 39 and 40 lots in Stage 41 (Catalina Green).

There will also be a significant program of landscaping works undertaken across Catalina, improving the amenity for residents and delivering on a range of environmental objectives. Highlights include:

  • Construction and landscaping of a new Foreshore Park on Portofino Promenade in Catalina Beach:
  • Dune revegetation in the coastal conservation reserve adjacent to Catalina:
  • Construction and landscaping of a new park in Catalina Green:
  • Landscaping along Connolly Drive and Neerabup Drive:
  • Landscaping along Longbeach Promenade in Catalina Beach:
  • Opening of a new Display Village in Catalina Beach.

The Sales and Marketing program will be aiming to achieve 209 residential lot sales and 172 lot settlements. The Sales and Marketing initiatives will be focused on continued Catalina branding, in conjunction with the Catalina Beach Sales Office and the new Catalina Beach Builders Display Village.