Local Structure Plan

The Catalina Local Structure Plan was formally approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) on 13 April 2011. It has since been subject to five amendments.

The current Plan, including various supporting documents, can be downloaded here:

The Local Structure Plan provides a framework for planning and development of the Catalina Project area and provides for the following:

  • Distribution of residential density and a range of housing types that address changing demographics and the needs of future populations within the north-west sector of the Perth Metropolitan Region.
  • Sustainable environmental outcomes with respect to such matters as water use, tree canopy, energy efficiency, conservation and transport, while taking advantage of natural features and views.
  • Active commercial centres and community hubs that meet the daily and weekly needs of residents and provide employment opportunities that are co-located with local recreation and community facilities.
  • Appropriate urban design response in recognition of adjoining public transport infrastructure.
  • A high level of linkage both within and beyond the boundaries of the Catalina landholding to commercial centres, coastal reserves and transport nodes via cycle and pedestrian access, public transport and private vehicles.
  • Addressing the forecast demand for a variety of community services and social infrastructure.