In 1981 the CRC member Councils acquired the 432-hectare site (Lot 9504) at Tamala Park for landfill and future urban development.

The Council was established by proclamation in the Government Gazette on 3 February 2006 for the specific purpose of creating an urban development on a 180-hectare portion of Lot 9504.

The 7 local government participants are joint owners of Lot 9504, which covers an area of 432 hectares in the local authority district of the City of Wanneroo. The share of ownership of the land by the participant local authorities is as follows:

Town of Cambridge One Twelfth Share
City of Joondalup Two Twelfths Share
City of Perth One Twelfth Share
City of Stirling Four Twelfths Share
Town of Victoria Park One Twelfth Share
City of Vincent One Twelfth Share
City of Wanneroo Two Twelfths Share

The purpose of the Catalina Regional Council is to undertake the rezoning, subdivision, development, marketing and sale of the Tamala Park land.

The objectives of the CRC are:

  • to develop and improve the value of the land.
  • to maximise, within prudent risk parameters, the financial return to the participants.
  • to balance economic, social and environmental issues; and
  • to produce a quality development demonstrating the best urban design and development practice.